Science, Art & Metaphysics: Workshops in Health, Technology & Consciousness

Experience transformative workshops to expand your consciousness and learn about groundbreaking quantum technology. For anyone who wants to be at the cutting edge of the future of Health, Arts, Technology and Consciousness this weekend of workshops is a must!

May 14th Workshops include:

  • The Future of Health: Quantum Integrative Medicine with TimeWaver Frequency Devices (Orassy Ultimate Health);
  • Zen Essence Yoga (With Movement Master Aniko Nagy);
  • Yin Chakra Sound Healing Workshop (Orassy Ultimate Health);
  • Voice & Consciousness - The physics of sound in the universe performed through ancient tuning systems (Bo Constantinsen).

May 15th Workshops include:

  • Cymatics: A New Frontier in Art (John Stuart Reid);
  • Body Intellegence & Dance Mastery (Aniko Nagy);
  • Integrative Mental Health Therapy using TimeWaver Frequency Devices (Orassy Ultimate Health);
  • Recordings of Cosmic Noise and experiencing the nature of sound in the universe (Rozhen Observatory).

These workshops are a must for anyone interested in the future of science, technology arts & medicine. Tickets to these workshops will also give you access to a market full of groundbreaking products.

Meet all the key people at the forefront of these exciting new fields! Learn, grow, evolve and expand your consciousness.